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Brazilian feasts, high-tech coffee, chocolate spread cafes and new street food

Knowledge story, The Knowledge
Knowledge story, The Knowledge
Knowledge story, The Knowledge
Knowledge story, The Knowledge

Brazilian feasts full of beans, a high-tech cup of coffee, chocolate spread with everything, and new street food.

Last week saw the close of the 2014 World Cup, hosted by Brazil. Football fans may have to wait another four years before the next global tournament, but for food fans missing all the Brazilian themed events and news, we have another bite for you. New Brazilian café Boteko Brasil, located in Jumeirah Fishing Harbour is the brand’s second branch, with the original located in the Dubai Ladies Club (also in Jumeirah). But Boteko Brasil is kicking off with some original food offerings of its own. First off, there is a new selection of dishes, which will be served only at this branch such as chicken with okra, salmon moqueca and gnocchi made from chickpeas served with carne seca (sundried beef). After Ramadan, the café will also be offering a Brazilian Friday brunch from 11am-3pm, while Saturdays are feijoada Saturdays. Considered a national dish of Brazil, feijoada is a stew of different cuts of meat, with black beans. On Saturdays at Boteko Brasil, a feijoada buffet will be served from noon-4pm, and will include traditional side dishes such as rice, collard greens, farofa (toasted manioc), as well as desserts.

Moving on from one of the world’s biggest coffee-growing countries, we bring you news from local coffee roasters Coffee Planet. The Dubai-based producers have recently launched a new mobile phone app, called ‘Coffee Planet Bean Lover’ currently available for free on iOS and Android. The app contains a QR-code enabled loyalty card programme (for every nine coffees purchased, you will get one free), plus information on your nearest Coffee Planet outlets, and brew guides, with tips on coffee-making techniques and gadgets.

From coffee to chocolate: The Dubai Mall’s mega-complex of Italian food concepts, Eataly, has just introduced a new Nutella bar to the outlet. Initially created in the 1940s by an Italian pastry maker called Pietro Ferrero (also the man behind the ambassador’s favourite chocolates, Ferrero Rocher), Nutella began life as a means of making the supply of chocolate spread a little further during World War II rationing, by adding roasted hazelnuts and milk to the recipe. At Eataly’s new Nutella bar, diners can sample crêpes, crostatina (mini tarts), cookies and bread, as well as fresh fruit such as strawberries and banana, all teamed with Nutella.

Finally, we leave you with news of a street food concept that has recently launched in Dubai, Döner & Gyros. That covers Turkey and Greece’s answer to street food sandwiches, respectively. This new street food eatery serves a build-your-own-sandwich menu, which takes its culinary inspiration from the street food culture of Berlin-style döner and Chicago-style gyros. Launched this month, Döner & Gyros currently has two branches in Dubai, located in Al Barsha Mall and Dubai Marina.

Until next week, bon appétit!

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