Dubai valet crashes rare Ferrari

Rare 1962 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder crashed outside Dubai restaurant

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A multi-million dollar car ended up crashed in a Dubai car park after the valet mistook the accelerator for the brake.

The rare 1962 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder was crashed by the valet in the car park of Dubai International Financial Centre, according to 7Days newspaper.

Following the incident, the company employing the valet, Secure Parking Corporation, admitted that he had pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

Owner of the vehicle, Neil Petch, who had dropped off his car with the valet before having lunch at La Petite Maison, told 7Days that he was “in shock” after seeing his prize possession crashed.

“The friend I was meeting called me from the parking lot. He said, ‘Neil, what happened to your car?’ I thought he was playing a prank. But he told me I better get down there. And then I saw it…” Petch was quoted as saying.

While Petch didn’t reveal the value of the Ferrari 250GT California Spyder, a similar vehicle sold at an auction in Monterey, California last year for $15.18 million.

Petch did say that Secure Parking Corporation would cover the cost of repairing the vehicle.

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