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British filmmaker Rob Whitworth has captured the highlights of Dubai in a spectacular way with his latest time lapse video.

The clip which lasts just over three minutes shows the United Arab Emirates city in a sped-up motion as the viewer goes on a sky-high tour.

The short film showcases the various aspects of Dubai, from its recognisable famous buildings to its vast desert landscape.

“My first impressions of Dubai were consumed with the spectacle of super tall buildings jutting out of the desert sands,” Whitworth explained. “However the lasting impression was the wonder of the desert, and its importance to the Emirati people.

“Dubai may be home to the world’s most outrageous skyline but Dubai’s desert dunes and historical creek are where you’ll find its soul.”

The video titled Dubai Flow Motion begins from the point of view of someone landing in the emirate’s international airport before collecting luggage and heading onwards on a Metro train.

Glimpsing the impressive timeline, the viewer is then taken into the Burj Khalifa Tower and through the floors of the tallest building in the world to highlight many elements including the residences, shopping mall, and viewing deck contained within.

From ice skating to riding the sand dunes, the video focuses on the many activities one can do in Dubai, similar and contrasting.

Even more extreme sports such as skydiving over the Palm Islands is recording in the style of a fish eye lens, before finally we get to see Dubai’s dramatic lights at night.

Tourists and residents alike are reminded of the beauty that only seeing Dubai in the evening brings, watching aspects including the Dubai Fountain and the spectacular fireworks display.

Extended videos for Whitworth’s time lapse of Dubai are also available, focusing on airport baggage and the Dubai Creek.

His other popular projects include a Facebook video for Nike set in San Francisco, a Barcelona highlight commissioned by the Catalan tourism board.

Along with a promotional film documenting McDonald’s arriving in Vietnam, his videos have received over 10 million online views and he has gained widespread critical acclaim.

Watch the clip below:

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