Dubai airport security reduced to seconds

Passengers could check in and get through security in Dubai airports at super speed

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If you’re not a fan of travelling, it’s likely that one of the reasons is due to the lengthy process often involved with taking flights.

But for those of you travelling to Dubai, and that seems to be a lot of you after the emirate was recently named as having the busiest airport in the world, that could change very quickly.

Fresh plans have been announced that would make a checking in a convenient 20 seconds, along with a range of other technologies that aim to ensure a swift service when flying.

“We will soon launch the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) to support direct flight connections to 149 cities,” Major General Ahmed Al Marri, Director General, General Directorate for Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai. “The system will reduce passenger check-in procedure to less than 20 seconds.”

He was speaking at the GDRFA’s first international conference called The Future of the Borders.

The Advanced Passenger Information System works by collecting information on flight connections to 149 cities, tracking the movements of those to board an aircraft and deciding whether they have clearance to join the flight or not.

It’s a system that will actually increase security but make travelling easier for those going to or from Dubai, and the new approach starts this weekend.

“This unified system is the backbone of free information flow and will handle everything from issuance of permits to border control,” Thani Abdulla Alzaffin, Emaratech’s director-general and board member said.

His company wants to get through 400 passengers per hour by launching the system which would mean removing items like laptops, phones and watches are a thing of the past.

At the moment the average number throughout the industry is 200 to 250 per hour while they are currently ahead with 300 people per hour.

Considering 78 million people are expected to use Dubai International Airport this year and 103 million is the estimated amount for 2020, the launch of a super intelligent eye and face scan device - plus notification which tells passengers where to go in the airport - is sure to increase the chances of a smooth flow.

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