Camel milk ice cream launched in Dubai supermarkets

Find out where in Dubai is selling the unusual product

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Would you try camel milk ice cream?

Al Ain Dairy has launched the unusual treat under the name Camelait which is now available in major UAE supermarket chains.

Although they may not be the first to come up with the idea, the brand is the “world’s first mass market” tub of its kind, especially made for supermarket appeal.

Apparently most residents who have already enjoyed a taste test said they can’t tell the difference between the dessert and that made from cow’s milk, however the milk from a camel is recognised to be frothier and is more salty by some.

Al Ain Dairy already want to get the product into Europe and North America, while it has supplied places such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia already.

Those up for trying camel milk ice cream can expect to pay about double the price the ‘regular’ stuff would cost in Dubai supermarkets like Spinneys and Co-operative.

It’s Dhs10 for a 125ml container due to the cost of the raw material according to Shashi Menon, COO of Al Ain Dairy.

Camelait comes in six flavours at the moment and they have also introduced camel milk powder, which again is a debut for the mass market.

While some Emiratis and expats have taken to camel milk after having tried it from producers on a smaller scale.

“The camel milk is part of the Emirati culture. They do buy it and use it,” Menon explained.

Now other cultures may try it due to reported health benefits.

Consumers have praised it for encouraging improvement in diabetes and autism conditions, it’s also claimed as a moisturiser it has “emollient properties”, but so far research has not developed as far as to support that.

“There is a lady in the US who works with autistic children and she claims to have had success with using the camel milk,” Menon says. “We also had an instance where a young Emirati boy who was suffering with autism and his mother had asked us for camel milk. We gave it to her as part of our CSR initiative and she claims it helped her son.”

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