Did you see the flying KFC bucket in Dubai?

KFC surprised Dubai sunbathers with sandwiches

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If you know Dubai, you’ll know that you can practically get fast food delivered any time, anywhere.

But when an oversized bucket of chicken was dropped off on Kite Beach this weekend it really took the biscuit.

The chain restaurant got people talking on Saturday when a helicopter fed sunbathers with a meaty meal.

KFC Arabia warned fans of the stunt on their twitter page beforehand, writing: “One hour to go until we reveal the #KFCFlyingBucket at Kite Beach Dubai. Don’t forget to look up at 3!”

It wasn’t long before, social media enthusiasts began to post about the spectacular site, and grabbing a bite for free.

One tweeter posted: “I've seen birds fly, elephants fly but I've seen abt everything when I see a bucket fly #KFCFlyingBucket,” while another added: “everyone loving #kfc lunch at the beach #kfcflyingbucket”.

Those in the right place at the right time, had the opportunity to take to the skies over Dubai by using the special hashtag associated with the stunt.

The official account posted: “Tweet now using #KFCFlyingBucket and get the chance to win an amazing helicopter ride over #Dubai! Don't miss your chance!”

Dubbed “the taste that comes to you anywhere” KFC handed out 3,000 sandwiches to sunseekers who had worked up a bit a hunger while working on their glow.

It would have been quite a surreal sight to have Colonel Sanders’ face flying towards them but all in all it turns out visitors and residents of Dubai were pleased with the offering.

The globally popular franchise has been around since the 50s with the first opening in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States.

In 2006, KFC International launched a global re-image, unveiling an astronomical 87,500 square foot new Colonel Sanders logo that was visible from space.

The brand claims to have built a reputation for outstanding quality and” finger lickin’ good” taste. Their signature Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy chicken is 100% pure pieces of chicken prepared fresh by cooks throughout the day at each and every restaurant.

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