Watch incredible Taste of Dubai time lapse video

There's a new Dubai time lapse video you should see

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We had Rob Whitworth’s Flow Motion in February, and now we have Ingo Enzi showing us the delightful sights of Dubai.

In this new time-lapse video we get to see the Emirate almost resemble a scene out of Sin City.

Filmed over a day, the 1minute 13 second clip titled a Taste of Dubai, delves into a range of things such as a glimpse inside The Dubai Mall from above, to commuters on a journey through the Metro station.

The stunning black and white imagery shows Dubai’s enthusiasts a view of the city’s famous roads from high above at super speed.

Next up is the glorious setting of the Dubai Marina, featuring the well0-know skyscrapers along the water which many residents live, socialise and work in.

Taking us further through the city, the filmographers go on a daytime tram ride and next up is an insight to family life on the beach.

Soon after the clips ventures into the evening when Dubai’s building light up. Blink and you’ll miss the dhow boats zooming around one another, before the video finally settles on an image of the very recognizable Downtown area.

Alongside the upload on Vimeo Ingo wrote: “I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your visit and support! ;-) Cheers!!”

As well as himself, Ingo – who currently has 45 videos to explore on his page - also worked on the camera with Lucas Enzi. The Austrian film producer’s profile on the website details his goals with the tagline reading: “Creativity, passion and unique is reflected in our work”.

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