Will there be a tropical storm in the UAE?

Weather reports say there's a tropical storm headed for the UAE now

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There’s a tropical storm coming and it could take impact on the UAE as early as this evening.

Named Ashobaa, a tropical depression over the Indian coast is about to get deeper according to the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).

It’s predicted winds in the area will create high sea waves and as a result Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) has suspended maritime traffic at the Shuwaikh, Shuaiba and Doha Ports.

Strong gusts and dust have reduced visibility to below two nautical miles – things must come to a halt when it is less than three - and wind speed is 32-34 knots.

The storm was located at the east coast of the Arabian Sea however moved northwest and the NCMS points out that conditions could change for the better or worse very quickly.

A cyclone is created when a low pressure system collides with a thunderstorms and created that circular motion, so something weaker than a typhoon is predicted.

Even though Ashobaa has moved closer to Oman in the last day or so, it’s thought there won’t be too much of a change in weather for the United Arab Emirates and if it does hit the cost of Oman it will weaken.

There have been reports of heavy rain in Ras Al Khaimah and cloudy skies elsewhere but connections to Ashobaa are being dismissed.

So if you’re staying in Dubai this week enjoy the 41 degree Celsius temperatures and watch out for the rough waves.

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