VIDEO: Rubix Cube solved during Dubai skydive

Watch a Rubix Cube expert solve the tricky puzzle during a Dubai skydive

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Some might say keeping a steady hand while trying to solve a Rubix Cube problem in under 40 seconds is nerve-wracking enough.

So prepare to be amazed as Guillermo Conde takes on the added challenge of being dropped out of a plane.

The Spanish daredevil can be seen twisting and turning the classic puzzle and from the looks of his hands, seems rather calm and he plunges down to earth.

He must tackle the tricky game before it’s time open his life-saving parachute, eventually landing on the grounds of Skydive Dubai in the Marina area.

Despite stunning views of famous landmarks such as the Palm Jumeirah island, Guillermo is focused on only one thing.

The Rubix Cube genius visited Skydive Dubai in 2013 and Skydive Dubai shared the clip on their YouTube page at the weekend.

Filmed by videographer Daniel Hernan Perez and edited by Michael Panahon, Guillermo can be seen practicing on the ground before his challenge, finally being taken away on a golf buggy before take-off.

It’s no surprise he’s quick with his fingers – as we watch him tackle cube big and small - as he explains he has been taking part in competitions all around the world.

Watch the video to find out what happens.

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