Emirates confirms mouse on David Haye's Dubai flight

Emirates airlines explained why a flight to Dubai carrying David Haye was delayed

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He may be a former boxer but even David Haye didn’t know what to do with himself during a face-off with a “tiny mouse” recently.

The British sportsman was intending to travel from Birmingham to Dubai last week, however his travel plans got scrapped when Emirates flight staff couldn’t control the little rodent which was found onboard.

A week later the airline has confirmed that they were forced to put passengers up in a hotel for the night until they could accommodate them with alternative aircrafts to reach the UAE.

At the time, 34-year-old David posted on Twitter: “On tarmac & flight got cancelled as tiny mouse running around cabin. So spending another night. What's hot in Birmingham tonight? #LetMeKnow.”

He added on Instagram: “I'm sitting relaxed on my flight, engines firing when some dude started screaming.

“30mins the cabin crew chased it round, then it slipped through a vent and vanished. I'm thinking thank god lets get flying, but to my shock horror they have to get everyone off flight, in a hotel and hopefully tomorrow I can fly.... Really messing with my che this whole situation!!!”

Emirates deny the flight was cancelled.

"We didn't cancel the flight. We rerouted passengers on other flights after they were all accommodated in hotels," they clarified to Time Out Dubai.

It seems the London-born star did make it to Dubai as a few days later he was pictured on his social networking profile drinking his beloved Boo Tea in the city.

Meanwhile Emirates admitted the incident occurred on the Boeing 777-300 but denied a video clip doing the rounds online was from the incident.

“Emirates can confirm that flight EK038 from Birmingham to Dubai returned to stand shortly after pushback as a rodent was detected on board. Passengers were accommodated in hotels overnight and were re-routed on other available Emirates flights to Dubai. Engineering and cleaning teams worked to clear the aircraft to re-enter service. We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” Emirates told Time Out Dubai in a statement.

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