Top 10 holiday destinations to exchange dirhams

Find out which holiday destinations are really worth it when it comes to getting more dirhams from your currency exchange

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Despite this week’s news of Dubai International Airport experiencing one of its busiest times. It turns out now could be a pretty good time to travel after all.

The dirham is sizing up rather strong against many foreign currencies at the moment, meaning its great opportunity to get more for your money when travelling abroad.

Take the Brazilian Real for instance. According to Travelex currency rates, compared to this time in 2014, you can now get 35 per cent more cash. That mean and extra Dhs1,295 for every Dhs5,000 exchanged.

So why not jet off to Rio where they are experiencing winter temperatures in the early 20s.

The Tanzanian shilling. Gives you a third more for your money than it did last June, so perhaps consider some Kilimanjaro adventures for your break this year.

Other great destinations to maximize your dosh include Turkey and New Zealand, as their respective lira and dollar offer 26 per cent more than 12 months ago.

Errol Fonseca from Travelex comments: “With the Gulf currencies performing so well against such attractive destinations, I’m sure many will be considering taking advantage and planning a vacation to escape the heat.

“I’m sure some of the smarter travellers are looking to hike up the luxury factor of their break or reduce the cost of their holiday - there’s no doubting the significant difference the exchange rate can make to spending power now compared to this time last year.”

Check out the top 10 travel locations according to rates calculated June 18:
Currencies which the dirham has strengthened against in order of % increase -  Extra amount received for every Dh5,000 exchanged (equivalent in dirhams shown)

1 Brazilian Real 35% - Dh1,295
2 Tanzanian Shilling 33% - Dh1,248
3 Turkish Lira 26% - Dh1,046
4 New Zealand Dollar -26% Dh1,019
5 Swedish Krona 22% - Dh908
6 Australian Dollar 21% - Dh851
7 Polish Zloty 20% - Dh827
8 Japanese Yen 20% - Dh844
9 Euro 19% - Dh813
10 Danish Krone 19% - Dh814

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