VIDEO: Watch incredible Abu Dhabi Mosque time-lapse

Dubai-based cinematographer shoots awesome Abu Dhabi Mosque time-lapse

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Internationally awarded photographer and Emmy-nominated time-lapse cinematographer Beno Saradzic has released another spectacular video.

This fresh clip from the Dubai-based talent features one of the scenes from his recently-released time-lapse film, The Voyage.

Taking place at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi, he has to go through a lot of effort to avoid the crowds.

The United Arab Emirates landmark receives over 20,000 visitors per day. He explained about achieving the serene look in the clip: “I decided to shoot at very early or very late hours when the number of people at the mosque isn't as high. I still ended up with dozens of them in each sequence and I was left with no choice but to paint them out in Photoshop with the Clone & Stamp tool, frame by frame.”

Beno manually painted out tourists, security guards, cleaners, contractors and even birds from more than 200 individual frames.

In response to a comment where a fan asks him if he got “irritated when erasing people 1 by 1, frame by frame”, he replied: “More than you will ever know :-)”.

THE VOYAGE from Beno Saradzic on Vimeo.

And that’s not all it took to achieve the clean look of the short film. Due to the sunlight changing during the sunset time period which his shots took place in, he had to “de-flicker” the sequence before finally adjusting elements such as the sharpness, shadows and white balance.

It took around two days just to work on the clip that we see, using Lightroom 6, Photoshop CC 2014, Premiere CC 2014, and LRTimelapse 3.4 software.

Beno’s work was shot on Canon 5DMk3 and Canon TS-E 17mm cameras.

Beno explained his sproject “started out as a collage of disjointed time lapse sequences, shot over several months in early 2015”.

He added: “I was teaching myself new ways to move the camera, using existing and newly developed motion control systems. Once I had enough material on my drives, I decided to create a short film. I’m always aiming to create a more immersive, intimate way of experiencing the scene as it unfolds in front of the camera’s lens.

“Instead of entertaining the viewer with high-impact, dynamic and highly stylized scene transitions, I prefer a calmer, linear approach to visual storytelling. I’m a great fan of David Lean’s and Stanley Kubrick’s films.”

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