VIDEO: Terrifying rope swing stunt in Ras Al Khaimah

Watch video of the TRAKS team doing a rope swing in RAK, UAE

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What better way to prove that Ras Al Khaimah is a rising emirate?

A new video shows a bunch of daredevils showcasing RAK’s stunning mountainous landscape with a jaw-dropping stunt.

The first rope swing in the UAE.

They captioned the video on YouTube: “See what happens when you get a team of 8, you block a mountain road and they are let loose to rig ziplines, tensioned ropes and for the first time in the GCC, the biggest rope swing at over 120m ... ya NUTS - GO NUTS!”

During the video see bystanders in awe as they swing over a mountain road. Cyclists and motorists stop in their tracks to witness the death-defying stunt.

TRAKS did organized the crazy occasion to mark their tenth anniversary.

Dan Buckman, James Falchetto, Milen Krastev, “K”, Read Macadam, Richard, Romen, Johnny Salvador and Zizi were all employees who filmed their dangerous swing in RAK.

One member of the tea, explained after the giant leap: ‘You just take one big hop and go straight down. Then as soon as you hit the bottom, it’s super squishy, it’s super comfy. And then you just go shooting forward. It’s awesome.’

The company teamed up with the emirates’ government for support, with the Ras Al Khaimah Police Traffic Department, Ras Al Khaimah rescue Department and Ras Al Khaimah Air Wing Department all making it possible to plunge from the top of the rocks in the 40 degree heat. Finally TRAKS thanked H.E Eng. Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al-Qasimi “for making this day possible”.

And if you think the jump was the worst part, imagine having to make the climb up would be before getting ready to enjoy the thrills the tension line has to offer.

Another team member admitted “in the first part I was brave”, but confessed in the second part he couldn’t help but squirm.

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