VIDEO: Paris Hilton in Dubai plane crash prank

Watch as Paris Hilton falls victim to a Dubai plane crash prank on TV show

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As a hotel heiress, reality star, DJ and head of her own fashion and fragrance empire, Paris Hilton lives out the life of a jetsetter every day.

However, the 34-year-old worst nightmare seemed to be coming true on a trip to Dubai when she believed she was involved in a plane crash.

In a newly released video, the blonde star unknowingly appears on a prank show where she is convinced she is to meet her untimely death.

Featuring on Ramez in Control, Paris can be seen screaming as host Ramez Galal masterminds the operation where she is scared of the aircraft plummeting to the ground.

At one point the Egyptian actor can even be glimpsed sniggering to himself as she yells, ‘I don’t want to jump!’ as part of the MBC show which airs every Ramadan.

The clip shows her during a trip to the emirate after she attends the opening of a new hotel. When she accepts the offer of a 15-minute aerial tour though, she doesn’t seem to know what she is getting herself into. After few minutes of the plane being in the air, the pilot begins doing stunts that make it appear as if the plane is crashing.

Once the other passengers – who are in on the prank – begin panicking, Paris is noticeably shaken too. Before long they open up the side door and men donning SkyDive Dubai gear begin plunging to the ground.

Although she is offered the parachute, she refuses to jump from the jet but it’s all good because the plane soon safely returns to the runway.

It’s not the first time Rami has frightened the life out of someone famous. Last year, they locked Haifa Wehbe in a tomb with snakes and bats, faked a terrorist attack on Cyrine Abdel Nour the year before.

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