New tailgating rule enforced in Dubai

Motorists driving too near other cars are at risk of being fined in Dubai

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After April’s revelation that Back Off Radio was being introduced to Dubai taxis, now other cars on the road are being warned to keep a safe distance too.

If you are driving less than five metres away from the vehicle in front of you, you’re at risk of getting in serious trouble with the law.

The rule is enforced when travelling at 80 kilometres per hour and if you’re in breach of the regulation you’ll be snapped by cameras at the side of the road, perhaps akin to speeding cameras. Those behind the wheel can move into the zone at slower speeds due to cases of heavy, slow traffic meaning it safe to be closer.

If you’re on the lookout for the roadside eyes, they’re described as ‘tube-shaped’.

From Wednesday onwards, motorists will be fined Dh400 every time they are caught abusing the guidelines.

Accidents as a result of tailgating meant 26 people died in 2014 and so far this year 11 people have passed away because of the problem.

The city has already reduced speed limits and even dished out approximately 70,000 fines last year and almost 20,000 so far this year.

By 2021 the aim is for road death numbers to be halved. In 2012 it was recorded that six-and-a-half for every 100,000 people are killed.

It comes after the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced an initiative to help reduce road traffic accidents, three months ago.

A rather direct device dubbed Back Off Radio aims to reduce tailgating on the city’s busy roads in turn potentially saving lives. And it’s as direct as it sounds.

In partnership with Arabian Radio Network (ARN) it will alert cab drivers when they are too close to the car in front by playing a message inside the vehicle which warns those behind the wheel they could be harming someone.

Not only that, but a message will warn those in other cars who are entering a taxi’s personal zone to add some distance.

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