Magic Mike XXL will NOT get UAE release

Magic Mike XXL starring Channing Tatum will go unreleased in UAE cinemas just like the original movie

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Fifty Shades of Grey was banned in UAE cinemas earlier this year, and it seems Magic Mike XXL is getting the same treatment.

The movie starring Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Amber Heard and Joe Manganiello among others has had much buzz recently as the follow-up to 2012’s Magic Mike, with many movie theatres listing it as coming out September 3 in this region.

Now it has emerged the Warner Bros. flick won't be hitting the big screen here, according to Distributors Shooting Stars.

The running time for the film – which left off with character Mike Lane retiring from his shirtless dancing profession – is two hours and 10 minutes, and it was expected some of the footage would be chopped from screen in and around Dubai given the subject matter.

Directed by Gregory Jacobs, the was also down for release in Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.


Similarly, distributors decided against releasing Fifty Shades in cinemas earlier this year.

The National Media Council said the film’s distributors, Four Star Films, withdrew the production from being theatrically released in the UAE following the council’s decision to cut 35 minutes from the 125-minute film.

The film received an R rating in the US, where it made $81.7 million at the box office when it opened, while in the UK the film was given an 18 certificate.

Last January, blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street was heavily cut for its UAE release.

Approximately 45 minutes of material hds been removed from Martin Scorsese’s real-life satire, which details the exploits of a rouge Wall Street trader, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who defrauded investors out of millions of dollars.

As well as complete scenes which had been deemed unsuitable for regional audiences, much of the dialogue had also been heavily edited.

While the internationally released movie runs to 180 minutes, Reel Cinemas listed the run time as 135 minutes for the UAE cut.

The film carried a 15+ rating in this country, rather than a harsher 18+ certificate.

In 2011 UAE audiences missed out on the English language remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when former Fight Club director David Fincher said he was unhappy with the censor’s decision to cut around three minutes of material from his movie.

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