VIDEO: Watch this man backflip on top of Dubai tower

For once Dubai's Princess Tower isn't the focus of attention in this stunt video

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Last week we brought you a video of British daredevil James Kingston dangling off a building in Dubai’s Marina.

And this new video frightens us no less.

In a fresh clip titled ‘Russian guys on the roof top in Dubai. Princess Tower’ Oleg Cricket is at it – safety harness free.

He and pal can be seen in a YouTube clip 414 metres up off the ground, that’s a belly-turning 1,356 feet.

Oleg captions the video ‘Magic place’.

With the famous skyline in the background, one of the duo performs a backflip on just a small part of the building’s frame. The Princess Tower is the second tallest building in Dubai, only to the Burj Khalifa which happens to be the tallest in the world.

Arm up in the air and filming himself and his friend with the Palm Jumeirah in the distance, Oleg’s buddy can be seen displaying two thumbs up as he sits with feet dangling off. And the men don’t seem to be shaky even just a little bit.

This stunt wasn’t just a one-off of course. Two months ago Oleg shared a clip of himself performing an ‘insane parkour run’.

The 15-second video sees him jump from corner-to-corner of the building with a glimpses of the nearby Elite Residence in the background.

Watch the footage below.

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