Spot Dubai landmarks in new timelapse video

Do you recognise certain Dubai landmarks in this mind-bending new timelapse video from Richard Bentley?

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How well do you reckon you know Dubai? Certain landmarks in the city may be more difficult to spot than you think.

This brand new video showcases many iconic buildings and places across the world, some might say as awesome as those in this iconic city. However when merged together, can you pick out usually recognizable buildings such as the Burj Khalifa or even the Sheikh Zayed Road when placed in a collage of clips from cities such as London and New York?

The creator Richard Bentley said about the piece: ‘For some time now, I have been uploading still images to Instagram. More often than not, I have been rotating, merging and using apps like “layout” to modify the images to enable me to get more than the 640x640 square image to be seen.

‘Applying that same technique to my timelapse footage was the next natural progression.’

If you fail to spot some of these famous monuments, you wouldn’t be the only one. Apparently many viewers of the video so far be duped by the brilliant use of technology.

‘Many people have commented that they were deceived (in a good way), by the way I had modified my still images, hence the title here “[DE]caption”; based also on the film “Inception” and its amazing imagery,’ he continued.

Watch the moving image alongside the sounds of German band 7OOP3D. Richard shared that all effects were done in Premier Pro, ‘diced, spliced and dished up for your enjoyment’.

Henry Young commented after seeing the clip, ‘2:00 is scary, Richard! Very good work as always.’

Alex Klim added: ‘Nice work Richard, feels like trapped in a surreal dream world. Well done. Cheers.’

The British time-lapse filmmaker is currently based in Doha, Qatar and London.

He recently made a documentary for the Aljazeera English channel, which features his time-lapse work. He pitched the idea, voiced the script and shot all of the timelapses in the film.

His time-lapse work has also been used in Hollywood features, documentaries, music videos and to launch TV channels, with clients in the EMEA and the US.

[DE]ception from Richard Bentley on Vimeo.

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