Jason Atherton delays London restaurant for Dubai

Jason Atherton has pushed back the opening date of his London restaurant in order to focus on the launch of Dubai's Marina Social

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This new Jason Atherton restaurant opening is shaping up to be something we’re getting more and more excited for.

The chef is so focused on making Marina Social the best it can be that he has delayed the launch of another outlet.

Jason, 43, admitted that his London establishment is being put on hold because of his place inside the InterContinental, Dubai Marina, according to Bloomberg.

‘I'm here in Dubai for a month, with just one day back in London for my daughter's birthday,’ he said. ‘I have to get this right and I do that by physically working in my restaurants. That's why you don't see me on TV much.’

Marina Social with its British-Mediterranean styled sharing dishes, opens September 4 and will also a feature a bar named The Social Room.

The pressure to make things perfect means, Japanese restaurant Sosharu in Clerkenwell, London won’t be open for business until February 17.

His Sydney, Australia restaurant, Kensington Street Social, should be open November 8.

Jason is a Michelin starred chef who gained the culinary accolade for his restaurant Pollen Street Social in 2011. Prior to that he worked with Gordon Ramsay as the Executive Chef at Maze before they parted ways in April 2010.

His ‘Social’ restaurants exist in London, Hong Kong, New York and now he’ll have his first in the Middle East. He recently explained exactly why the emirate has been on his radar and why it means so much to him.

‘Simply put, I love Dubai,’ he has said about his latest venture. ‘I first worked in Dubai more than 10 years ago and the city holds a lot of special memories for me, especially because it’s where I met my wife Irha - so it was always an ambition to return and open up my own restaurant.

‘Dubai has such a vibrant lifestyle scene as well as fantastic food, and I want Marina Social to be a destination for both, whether you’re having dinner in the restaurant or sundowners on the terrace. I’m hoping Marina Social will become one of the best restaurants in Dubai.’

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