Dubai to get first Virtual Reality Gaming Lounge

Aurora Gaming are raising $100,000 to turn a Downtown Dubai building site into a futuristic hub

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Ever wanted to be part of the future? Well now you can after a crowdfunding opportunity for Dubai's first Virtual Gaming Lounge was launched online.

Aurora Gaming, who launched in the UAE in 2014, hope to bring the latest technologies to a 300sqm Downtown venue within the year.

The days when virtual reality was the sort of thing geeks messed around with in their bedrooms are long gone. Technology is now so advanced - and so important - that a year ago Facebook spent $2 billion (Dhs7.3bn) to acquire Oculus Rift, the industry pioneers.

Nowadays the technology is used across the board, by anyone from architects and real estate agents, to fitness fanatics and, of course, gamers.

Speaking to Time Out Dubai about their plans, Aurora said: 'VR really has come so far in the last couple of years and we're ready to bring it to the masses. At Aurora we already do professional business-to-business services - things like property walkthroughs for off-plan projects - and we've seen a real spike in interest at developing those ideas for fun and social.

'With VR we can create even more immersive experiences for your whole body, not just your eyes with the traditional HMD (head-mounting displays). We use omni-directional treadmills, tracking devices and so much more.

'For example, we all know Dubai isn't exactly walker friendly, especially in the summer, but we can create fully immersive experience that have you walking through a forest. What a way to spend your lunchbreak, right? That's the sort of thing we'll have in our lounge.'

Aurora Gaming's crowdfunding - the practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people - is just the first part of their campaign to raise awareness of the VR Gaming Lounge.

The team will also showcase the project at SciFest, which takes place in Dubai Municipality's Children City from October 4to 9 October, while other other events are also planned before the new year.

To find out more about Aurora Gaming, visit their Facebook page.

And to support Aurora Gaming, visit

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