Could Emirates Towers host world record bid like The Walk?

Andy Lewis is in Dubai to look for locations for a high-rise slacklining stunt in Dubai

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Longest this, tallest that, most expensive whatever else; Dubai loves a world record.

And once again the emirate is being considered as a potential host for one of the more eye-catching - and stomach-churning - feats.

Time Out Dubai have been told that daredevil Andy Lewis has high - very high, in fact - hopes of slacklining between two tall towers some time in 2015. Good timing, considering the box office smash The Walk, the dramatisation of Philippe Petit's famous World Trade Centre stunt.

So what is slacklining? Well, it's like tight-rope walking, only bouncier. The sport, which sprung out of California almost 40 years ago, requires extreme balance and agility, and encourages core strength in the participant. Of course, most normal slackliners stick to slinging their rope between two trees just a few feet above the ground. Lewis is different.

So, another, more important, question; where could this stunt take place? First place that springs to mind is Jumierah Emirates Towers, the opposing tall structures on Sheikh Zayed Road. Two of the most recognisable buildings in the region, they both stand at over 309m, making the smaller of the two the 48th tallest building in the world.

There's also Central Business Towers (265m) in Dubai Internet City, with their resemblance to New York's Chrysler Buildings.

Or how about across Dubai Marina, for added excitement over the water. The Address Marina Mall, coming in at just under 200m high stands directly opposite the newly-opened InterContinental Dubai Marina hotel.
Frankly, we like the idea of any of them. Time Out will of course have all the information as and when it is confirmed.

Lewis is being bought to Dubai by smartphone e-brand Honor, owned by Huawei, as part of the launch of its new Honor 7 phone on October 12.

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