VIDEO: Batmobile on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road

A video of a luxury replica Batmobile Tumbler car has been seen in Dubai.

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Flashy cars hardly raise an eyebrown in Dubai anymore, so flooded are the streets with anything from velour Range Rovers to gold snake-skin pattern Mercedes.

But a new video shot that appears to show the Batmobile on Sheikh Zayed Road has sent the internet into a frenzy after it was posted on The Lad Bible's official Facebook early on Thursday morning. In just seven hours, the 17-second clip has been viewed around 1.5million times.

Taken by a passing motorist on a slip road near Oasis Centre, the short video features a string of high-end motors, including Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Ferrari, all parked alongside the fearsome-looking custom-built black 'Tumbler'.

Originally listed for sale on in June, and showcased by GTR Motors in Ras Al Khor, the Dhs3.7million beast is, apparently, fully road legal. With a Chevrolet Corvette v8 5.7 litre petrol engine underneath the hood - and we use the term 'hood' in the loosest sense, because frankly looking at it we can't work out where that is - the car can reach 100kph in less than six seconds, and has a top speed of 250 kph.

According to GTR Motors, the four rear wheels, all 1.1metres of them, are taller than a Lamborghini Aventador. Meanwhile at the front, two 17-inch wheels stay grounded even at top speeds when the body is elevated up to create a giant spider effect, much like in the movies.

The car's trump card, though, is hidden behind the radiators, where propane tanks work in conjunction with a jet engine at the back which, incredibly, actually shoots fire.

Inside, there are two black leather racing seats and a range of clever gadgets - it doesn't look too disimilar to an aircraft flight deck - such as navigation system, air conditioning and camerascreens covering all blindspots.

The Tumbler was the car used by Christian Bale's character throughout the Dark Knight series, directed by Christopher Nolan. And while replica Batmobiles are nothing new - with ones available from as far back as the 1960s - the sheer size of the Tumbler makes it one of most iconic yet.

While the website still carries a full breakdown of information about the car, no longer lists it as for sale, which perhaps explains how it came to be parked up as if the owner was just dropping into the mall for some groceries.

Time Out Dubai contacted Dubaicars for comment, but were unable to reach anyone on the public holiday.

To see the video of the car on Sheikh Zayed Road, visit The Lad Bible on Facebook.

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