Lewis Hamilton sports National Day racing gear

Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton has debuted a new kit for the UAE's 44th National Day

Lewis Hamilton sports National Day racing gear

Lewis Hamilton may be in the country for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but the Formula One racing driver also seems to have found himself here at a rather significant time.

The 30-year-old has been getting into the spirit of the UAE’s National Day, which falls this Wednesday December 2.

The British star shared that he’d be sporting a special design on his helmet in celebration of the 44th UAE National Day, coincidental as it also is his racing number.

“Proud to be in Abu Dhabi for the UAE's 44th National Day! 44 is my race number and has had great significance to me throughout my whole career,” he captioned the shot on Instagram.

In another photo posted – this time a close-up of the item – he asked fans what they thought of the new design, to which he got responses such as “Classy as always”, “knockout” and “awesome”.

Hamilton has teased the logo addition on Thursday when he shared an image of it going up across the front of a high rise building.

He wrote alongside it: “Look out for something special in Abu Dhabi this weekend... I'll give you a clue, it has to do with my racing number."

Check out his Facebook video.

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