Gyrocopter crashes at Dubai's World Air Games

The pilot was given immediate medical care and rushed to hospital after the aircraft failed at the World Air Games

Gyrocopter crashes at Dubai's World Air Games

A gyrocopter crashed during the FAI World Air Games on Wednesday.

The aircraft went down into the water in the JBR area in Dubai that afternoon, however the cause of the accident is so far unknown to the public.

When the incident took place, emergency services raced to the scene and the person controlling the gyrocopter was given professional medical care instantly after the 2.30pm fall.

"We do not know the cause of the accident nor do we know of the medical condition of the pilot. But we will take all measures to relay information on the incident when we have word from the relevant authorities,” Speaker from the organising committee said.

The competition has been taking place at the Skydive Dubai dropzone since December 1 and is scheduled to go on until December 12.

“The name of the pilot has been withheld in order to ensure privacy and till all further enquiries have been completed,” the spokesperson continued.

“In the meantime, we will make all arrangements to fully cooperate with the Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Police in ascertaining the cause that led to the accident.”

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