Camel rickshaws coming to Dubai

Eco-friendly travel system to transport tourists across the city

High speed camel-drawn rickshaws should be used to transport holidaymakers away from the Dubai Airport says a top tourism expert.

The proposed scheme will be tested until noon today and is the brainchild of Manila-based holiday consultant Adolfo Sprilay.

"Tourists in Dubai are used to the glitz and glamour of five star hotels and shopping malls. But these things come at the expense of more traditional experiences. A camel-drawn rickshaw is a great way to give start a holiday here," Mr. Sprilay told the AFD news agency.

"Horse-drawn carriages in New York and donkey rides in the Mediterranean are proven successes with tourists. It is only natural that Dubai would make have a localised version of the trip," Mr. Sprilay said.

If today's trial is successful a total of 275 camels will be kept in an aircraft hanger in the airport. A journey from the airport to the marina will cost around Dhs90 and will last approximately one hour. An express lane for business travelers will also be offered.

"This is a totally eco-friendly solution. There is no carbon footprint on this scheme. Other than the camel hot air there is no environmental effect of the rickshaws," Mr. Sprilay said.

Would you take a high-speed camel rickshaw? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts?

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