Camel cloned in Dubai

The world's first cloned camel has been born in Dubai

No, it's not a late April fool. We do really have the world's first camel clone in Dubai.

The female calf, called Injaz (meaning achievement), was produced at the Camel Reproduction Centre (CRC) by a team headed by Dr Lulu Skidmore and Dr Ali Redha.

Injaz was created from cumulus cells harvested from the ovary of a female adult camel, which were grown in culture before being frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Dr Lulu Skidmore, Scientific Director of the CRC, said "We are all very excited at the birth of Injaz as she is the result of great skill and teamwork of everyone at the Camel Reproduction Centre. This significant breakthrough gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk producing camels in the future.

The team said the camel was born after an uncomplicated gestation period of 378 days. Injaz currently weighs 30kg. The DNA of Injaz's cells and that of the original ovarian cells have been tested using microsatellite DNA analysis at the Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory in Dubai, and have been found to be identical, thereby proving that Injaz is indeed a clone of the original female camel.

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