Speed cost lives on Dubai roads

Speeding is the biggest killer on Dubai roads according to the RTA

Speeding is the biggest cause of accidents and fatalities in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority said on Sunday.

During the Haseb Safety Campaign – recently launched to highlight the importance of complying with road safety rules – the RTA insisted reckless and fast driving could lead to injuries and life-threatening accidents.

The campaign, which will be promoted through various forms of media, aims to reduce injuries on main roads across the UAE by 40 percent within the next six years.

“Over speeding is responsible for about 80% of traffic accidents and claims hundreds of lives every year,” said RTA’s director of traffic Engineer Hussain Al Banna. “Statistics reveal that the number of casualties is continuously on the rise as over speeding in 2008 resulted in 375 casualties ranging from death to body injury and various losses.

“Excessive speed is associated with serious traffic offences such as the lack of leaving sufficient distance between vehicles, lane changing, and jumping the red signal as the driver fails to stop the vehicle on the right time when the light signal changes.

“Speeding is also the major cause of traffic accident fatalities as the probability of involvement in fatal traffic accidents is doubled with the increase of the driving speed by each 5 km/h above the prescribed speed limit.”
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