Manny Pacquiao v Ricky Hatton

Filipino expatriates in Dubai tell <em>Time Out</em> why they love their national hero

Las Vegas is abuzz as the atmosphere builds for Saturday night's main event between Brit boxer Ricky ‘the hitman' Hatton and Filipino fighting machine Manny ‘Pacman' Pacquiao.

The pair seems to be on pretty friendly terms, despite their imminent rumble. Hatton even gave Pacquiao a quick tour of England, before they jetted into the US to prepare for the biggest fight to hit the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this year.

Nevertheless, you can guarantee that come Saturday, there'll be no banter until after the match - one of the biggest of both of their careers so far.

So, what do Dubai's resident Filipino fans think about Saturday's clash?

Carlo Angelo Castillo
"Definitely, it's Pacquiao's time! Almost all will agree that Pacman can make it. He has superb athleticism, great speed and power and has improved a lot. Truly a tremendous athlete and is hailed as the pound for pound king and aside from that he gets that strength from the millions of Filipinos who dearly support him"

Oliver Nollas Flores
"I am definitely confident that it would again be a Victory for all the Filipinos! Through Pacman's punching power, he would be able to knock down Hatton. Go Manny!"

Edgar Domingcil

"I predict Paquiao will bag the title but it would be a difficult fight for him and it would be a split decision. Even if he doesn't win, I will still be proud of him because he is such a courageous fighter. Representing Filipinos in an international sport is a form of heroism."

Edwin Bernal
"Win or Lose, Pacman would still be a Legend in our country. He has contributed a lot in putting the Philippines into the limelight"

Jeffrey Casino
"Thrilla in Manila" Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. But for sure Manny will win the fight because he got speed and stronger, but most important got a big heart. He beats all the finest Mexican fighters thats why they called him "The Mexicutioner". Although we all know hitman is also fast and strong and known for his famous body shot, But Pacman knows what to do coz he can dance in the ring baby. So Manny Pacman Hit him up!!!"

Thelma Gacusana
" I don't think if Pacman will win and if not, I'd be a bit sad. But for me, it won't change anything. He is still a hero, pride of all the Filipinos. He have gone through a lot of fights and he proved himself to be one of the bests. Win or lose on this match, Pacman still the best for me."

And what about the British fans?

Phil Madge
"He needs to fight with his head and not his heart like he did against Mayweather. He has the ability to knock this guy out!"

Craig Thompson
"It's a tricky one to call but we love Ricky and I hope he'll make England proud!"

Dave Chambers
"There's no doubting he can do it, it all just depends how he fights on the day. We'll be behind him all the way."

If you don't have sky tv, tune into the fight at 7am Dubai time on Sunday at Waxy O'Connors in Bur Dubai

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