Dubai food deaths

A brother and a sister have died from food poisoning after eating at a Dubai Chinese restaurant

A Dubai-based couple's life was torn apart over the weekend when they lost both their son and daughter to suspected food poisoning, a friend of the family told Gulf News.

Ann-Sofia, a French expatriate, had ordered take-away from the Lotus Garden Chinese restaurant in Al Ghusais on Friday evening and several hours later, when the children started vomiting, she rushed them to NMC Hospital.

Dr B. R. Shetty, Managing Director and CEO of the NMC Group of Hospitals, said: "Two children and one adult were brought to the NMC Hospital in Dubai on Friday evening with suspected food poisoning. One of the children, a young boy, was pronounced dead on arrival. A young girl and a woman were than transferred to Dubai Hospital for further treatment.

"The young girl was pronounced dead this [yesterday] morning but the woman is feeling better. All three cases are being linked to suspected food poisoning but we cannot determine the exact cause of the deaths until Dubai health authorities complete their investigation."

The five-year old boy, Nathan, and his sister Chelsea, seven, were treated for suspected food poisoning. Chelsea and her mother were admitted to the intensive care unit. They were then transferred to Dubai Hospital where Chelsea died yesterday [Sunday], the friend said.

The father, Patrick D'Souza, an Indian, was in Abu Dhabi when the incident took place. Gulf News reported warnings from doctors last week to minimise eating out during the summer months, especially at smaller eateries where hygiene levels are often of lower standard.

Food poisoning often occurs when food is stored at incorrect temperatures as bacteria grows rapidly during the hot and humid months.

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