Brits hit back at slur

British visitors to Dubai have hit back at claims that they are bringing the emirate into disrepute

British visitors have hit back at claims that their behaviour is at fault after they were asked to cover up and cease topless sunbathing in Dubai.

British expatriate women in the UAE believe other countries should issue advice similar to that of the UK Government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCOregarding indecent behaviour while on holiday, according to a report today in Gulf News.

The FCO warned British travellers earlier this week they faced serious consequences if they were caught "baring all abroad".

R.S., a British expatriate, said: "I think it's right to say that women shouldn't sunbathe topless. I hate it when I go on holiday in Europe and see loads of women doing it. In many cases it can be an unattractive sight and you never know where to look.

"However, I don't agree that it should just be Brits who are targeted. It's more a European issue than a British thing.

"The British Embassy [has] been conducting this 'Know Before You Go' campaign for several years but the same rationale should apply to everyone. And maybe while they're at it they could ban speedos!"

Kate Lynn, 30, a research manager, said: "I think the advice from the FCO is reasonable and it doesn't do any harm to remind people they should respect the culture and customs of the country they are travelling to.

"However, I do think other countries' embassies should follow suit as this advice applies across the board.

"I think the British have a bit of a bad reputation and it does not help with the recent cases here in the UAE. There are people from every country that ruin things for everyone else but I think most respectful people will not be offended by this latest advice."

Claire Johnson, an English housewife, said: "It's reinforcing stereotypes for this advice to be released - it makes it sounds like we're all commoners. From what I see we all behave well out here; it's a minority of people coming out here on holiday that don't know what they're getting into.

"It's a Muslim country and people should respect the laws and cultures of the country they're visiting."

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