Dubai expat warning

Dubai decency laws must be respected, says top police officer

A senior police official has told Arabian Business that it is not the force's aim to restrict the freedom of expats in Dubai but that limits of decency must not be crossed.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, deputy chief of Dubai Police, said that while it was not the duty of police to interrogate couples in Dubai, if they are spotted committing obscene actions then police would intervene.

His comments in an interview with UAE daily Gulf News published on Monday, come after several incidents of public indecency, which prompted the British Foreign Office to issue a travel advisory for its citizens.

"I think it is clear to the average person what is meant by obscene. There are red lines that must not be crossed. The country has its values and traditions which cannot be overlooked to satisfy others," Al Mazeina told the paper.

He added that the increase in financial crimes was not related to the financial crisis.

"We had cases of forged credit cards from abroad which were used in Dubai. Dubai Police have urged banks to issue credit cards with pin codes for all transactions to reduce counterfeit cases," the paper reported.

On the subject of traffic fines, Al Mazeina said they had been raised in a bid to reduce road crashes.

He said statistics showed that tougher fines and more radars have reduced accidents significantly.

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