Emirati job disatisfaction

60% of UAE nationals quit jobs over bad bosses

Some 60 per cent of UAE nationals quit their jobs because of insensitive management, a new study of has found.

Figures, by the government-sponsored Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP), revealed a majority of Emiratis resign over a lack of career progression, insensitivity to religious customs and dress codes and the absence of a mentoring culture.

But, a reluctance to work long hours and unrealistic expectations of quick promotion were also causing a high number of nationals to quit their jobs, said Kamraan Siddiqui, career adviser for the ENDP.

"Long working hours, shift systems and uniforms are very unpopular and are frequently cited as reasons for resignation," he told The National at the fourth GCC Nationalisation Summit.

"Secure positions in government departments and Islamic banks are favoured as promotion is guaranteed after certain periods of service and there is a sense that they are contributing to the development of the country."

The study questioned 6,000 nationals who had recently resigned from corporate positions.

Dr Tommy Weir, executive director of the EM leadership centre, said different management styles added to tensions between local employees and Western managers.

"In the GCC there is too much emphasis placed on prestige and position. If a national has a degree from Harvard or Cambridge they expect to have a senior role in a company, even if that qualification does not provide them with the skills for that role. There is not enough emphasis placed on performance," he told delegates.

"Similarly the local culture judges success on a position attained rather than performance in that position. Expat CEOs and managers forget that the UAE is a first-generation corporate society and that corporate principles that may be established in the West are new to this region."

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