Swine Flu UAE

New measures to curb the virus hit holidaying expats

Expatriates who are working in the UAE and are on holiday abroad will have to produce a medical certificate that proves they are not infected with H1N1 virus before returning to the country. The move will be implemented from August, according to a report in Gulf News today.

A source from the National Committee for Combating Swine Flu also said that instructions have been issued to all airports, sea ports and land border points to quarantine any person suspected of having H1N1 symptoms upon entering the country.

"Without this certificate, any person with swine flu symptoms will be prohibited from entering the country. Accordingly, any company or establishment will have the right to cancel sponsorship, if the worker conceals an infection intentionally," the source said.

The source told Gulf News that the committee followed some infected cases with the H1N1 virus during the last few weeks and found that strict measures for containing the virus have to be taken.

The source also said that quarantining people infected with the virus, and not allowing them to be in touch with others in public locations such as markets, malls, cinemas and worship areas is vital in curbing the spread of the virus.

One of the important decisions taken by the committee is to provide malls with thermal scanners to detect those with high fever, before quarantining them.

Strict instructions have also been issued to airlines to advise people coming to the UAE to contact the authorities if they have high fever.

This will help the committee to follow up their case and curb the virus from spreading. Airlines are also instructed to print brochures to increase awareness among passengers and to urge them to declare their health status.

The committee held a meeting on Sunday with officials at the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to set up a plan for the new school year.

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