23 fun Ed Sheeran facts

Some lesser-known facts about the world’s biggest singer-songwriter

Not a Sheerio (that’s what Ed Sheeran’s most devoted fans call themselves) yet? To help get you in the mood for Ed Sheeran’s massive Dubai gig on Thursday November 23, check out our handy factsheet.

  1. The night before his last gig in Dubai, he spent the evening in McGettigan’s JLT having a drink with fans.
  2. He’s hit Justin Bieber on the head with a golf club.
  3. Ed auditioned for an ITV musical show featuring music written by Gary Barlow. He didn’t get to get a part in the show, nor did fellow hopeful Pixie Lott.
  4. The host of British ’80s game show The Krypton Factor, Gordon Burns, is Ed’s second cousin.
  5. In other family-related facts, his brother, Matthew, is a classical music composer, and his dad is an art collector. His mother, meanwhile, makes jewellery that’s available via his official website.
  6. He likes stubble. "I look about 12 when I shave,” he told The Telegraph.
  7. Ed’s first EP dates back as far as 2005, when he recorded The Orange Room.
  8. All of the explicit lyrics from his album x were removed after speaking with a cab driver who asked him to keep it clean, for his daughter’s sake.
  9. All of his guitars are named; and they’re all pretty ordinary. He’ll be bringing Trevor, Keith, Lloyd, Felix, Nigel, Cyril and James II to Dubai – some of which are named after his crew.
  10. While performing in LA to try and gain exposure, Ed was spotted by actor and musician Jamie Foxx, who got him into his personal recording studio, then featured him on his radio show.
  11. Ed had performed more than 300 gigs before first meeting Foxx.
  12. Ed put on a free gig in Camden back in 2011, but when more than 1,000 people turned up he ended up playing three more shows to make sure everyone had a chance to see him.
  13. There’s a sign language interpreter who features throughout the entire video for You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.
  14. Ed performed a cover of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here with band members Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford and Richard Jones at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.
  15. He lodged at Courtney Cox’s house in Miami in 2013.
  16. Despite being his breakthrough track, The A Team was only the eighth best-selling song of the year in the UK back in 2011.
  17. He’s toured with Taylor Swift, and supported Snow Patrol, while also writing songs for One Direction, Justin Bieber, Rudimental and pretty much everyone else.
  18. His biggest influence is Damien Rice.
  19. He’s personally tattooed Harry Styles – it’s a padlock, by the way.
  20. And the two of them share matching Pingu tattoos.
  21. Ed loves Nando’s, and he’s got a black card. "I've got one, yeah. It's sick. I got it a couple of months ago and I've been rinsing it. I always go for medium, though. I like to enjoy my food rather than just challenging myself. I mean I can handle it, but I can't handle the next day, when, er, you know..."
  22. He associates every song he’s written with a colour, like aubergine for You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.
  23. Ed will finally be appearing in Game Of Thrones when season seven lands in July, where he’ll sing to Maisie Williams, AKA Arya Stark. The show producers have been trying to cast him for years, but schedules never synced up properly.

Thursday November 23. The Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai. Pre-register at www.117live.com

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