Dubai driverless car trials underway

RTA’s environmentally-friendly smart van will drive on virtual tracks

Dubai driverless car trials underway

What with flying taxis and driverless vehicles, Dubai is slowly becoming a sci-fi fan's dream come true due to staying on top of the latest trends in technology.

RTA has started phase four of its Driverless Vehicles Project in Sustainable City, set to be Dubai’s greenest environment.

Manufactured by EasyMile Company, the trial took place on Al Qudra Road over a virtual track extending 1,250m “that can be configured easily to make abrupt changes to meet demand.”

The environmentally-friendly smart vehicle can fit up to eight passengers, and will run on electric-powered batteries that can operate up to eight hours, driving at speeds of 20 km/h.

The car doesn’t take the label “smart” lightly, as it’s also kitted out with safety features, including sensors and smart monitoring systems that can detect any object within 40 metres, slowing down when an obstacle comes close.

The project initially kicked off its first phase of trials back in February. Now that it’s on to its fourth phase, developments are moving pretty swiftly.

“The new phase, which will continue until the end of this September, is part of RTA’s plan to test the driverless technology means under Dubai’s climate conditions,” said CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency Ahmed Bahrozyan.

“Through these trials, the RTA is seeking to familiarise the public with driverless vehicles technology and the Dubai Driverless Mobility Strategy.”

The trial run is part of an agreement signed recently with Diamond Developers Company, the developer of the Sustainable City project.

The project is part of RTA’s plans to raise the amount of autonomous transport in Dubai to as much as 25 percent for cars, trains and buses by 2030.

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Contributing to that 25 percent of driverless vehicles may be the driver-free flying taxis that are expected to launch in Dubai by 2020.

The future isn’t too far away in Dubai.

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