How to fashion the most exceptional of cucumbers from the ground up

Sponsored: Grow your little vegetable to its full potential for DXB Cucumber Day

How to fashion the most exceptional of cucumbers from the ground up

The cucumber is a most peculiar vegetable which offers resplendent benefits.

Not only is it exceedingly high in vitamins and minerals, but it's a kidney cleanser and a great hydrator.

And now there's another plus to add to the list, as DXB Cucumber Day is back with a bewildering bang – and it's going to be the most exciting of extravaganzas.

Green-fingered fans across the city will have their thirsts whetted with a complimentary Hendrick's libation on Wednesday October 10.

On that very day, the cucumber will be transformed into an exchangeable monetary unit, with bars and other outlets across the city accepting them as currency.

A bus tour will take you and your humble cucumber on a wondrous adventure around all these locations so you can exchange it for a drink.

Of course, in the lead-up to this most exciting of events you'll want to grow your little vegetable to its full potential.

In the greatest of fortunes, we've got some cultivation tips to help your cucumber thrive.

They grow up so fast.


1) Place your darling seeds in a small plant pot (around 8cm deep). When they reach a height of 10cm/4” they are ready to move house: plant them in larger pots (at least 20cm/8” deep) or in garden beds.

2) As a young plant, a cucumber only needs watering three times a week. Keep the soil around the cucumber plant evenly damp, but do be careful (as we know you will be) to avoid overwatering.

3) Place your cucumber plant next to bamboo sticks, as they love to climb.

4) Cucumbers love being warm – wrap them up in a bag during cooler evenings. This will keep them happy, and keep their skin sweet.

5) Your perfume is divine to us humans, but please keep it away from your cucumber plants as strong scents can cause them stress.


1) As the plants grow larger they require more watering – around four times a week depending on the pot size and temperature. If the leaves are wilting, more regular watering is required. As with humans, an under-watered cucumber will grow bitter.

2) Cucumbers are greedy! Treat them with manure fortnightly. This will increase your cucumber yield, and keep your plant happy and tasty.

3) Remove old leaves from the base of your plant. This helps your plant grow.

4) Cucumbers need bees, but if you are growing your plant inside be your own bee, and dab some pollen from flower to flower using a soft brush.

5) As a general rule cucumbers do not like loud noises – however evidence suggests they do enjoy both rock and classical music. And no, we didn’t make that up.

DXB Cucumber Day is being hosted by the makers of Hendrick's. It is infused with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest of producers.

The particularly botanical beverage is handcrafted in Scotland in tiny batches of just 500 litres at a time.

Hendrick's is welcoming those with a shared disposition for the curious cucumber to delight in the wondrous possibilities that this special day has to offer.

All you have to do is get growing and show your love for the humble fruit.

Exchange your cucumber for a beverage in these most exciting of venues across Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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