Dubai's best clubs 2018, plus new restaurant openings across the city

All that and more in this week's episode of Straight From The Camel's Mouth

Time Out Dubai podcast

The start of the new season is coming, and we can't wait.

Clubs are announcing stellar line-ups left, right and centre – with top throwback acts ranging from the Vengaboys to Toploader coming to the city.

In other news, there are loads of restaurants opening including a French eatery where moustaches are encouraged, much to the delight of hirsute Branded Content Editor Darragh Murphy.

Meanwhile, Deputy Editor Amy Mathieson and Digital Editor Scott Campbell disagree over the real definition of a pie (is it fully enclosed or not?) while the team is horrified as Darragh makes a shocking revelation about the time he spat Christmas mincemeat over his beloved aunt.

You've got all that and more to look forward to in this week's episode of Straight From The Camel's Mouth – the 25th in the series.

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