Most UAE residents expecting salary increase in 2019, study reveals

Researchers surveyed more than 1,200 UAE residents

Most UAE residents expecting salary increase in 2019, study reveals

The majority of UAE residents are expecting a salary increase in 2019, according to a new survey.

Insurance comparison site yallacompare released the figures as part of its Consumer Confidence Tracker for the final quarter of 2018.
Researchers surveyed more than 1,200 UAE residents on the state of their finances and attitudes towards work.

And 65 percent of those questioned expect to be given a salary increase in the next 12 months – the same number that said they said they had not received one in the previous 12 months.

That confidence was also reflected by an increase in people who said they felt more secure in their job (37 percent in quarter four, compared to 32 percent in quarter three).

Jonathan Rawling of yallacompare said: “UAE residents clearly feel that now is their time.

“They had to go without salary increases in 2018 and the survey data shows that many struggled as a result. They now expect their patience and loyalty to be rewarded.”

The survey also found that the amount of people who sent money home had decreased slightly (from 88 percent to 84 percent) and that those people that do send money, are sending less.

It also found that more people say they save money every month compared to previously, but also that more people say they don't save money every month.

Another interesting finding is that just 26 percent of people say they’re paying less for housing in quarter four than the same time a year ago, and 36 percent say that they're actually paying more. It found 38 percent are paying around the same, with 61 percent still in the same property as they were a year ago.

And 45 percent of people say they're less likely to leave the UAE because of their finances.

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