Restaurant and cafés in Dubai increased 10% in 2018

And these are the areas in the city that saw the greatest rise, according to the Department of Economic Development

Restaurant and cafés in Dubai increased 10% in 2018

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to brilliant restaurants in Dubai, and recent news from the emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED) proves it further.

A new report issued by the Business Registration and Licensing department reveals that the number of restaurants and cafés in Dubai have increased by 9.7 percent in the past year.

By the end of 2018, the number of new outlets that opened their doors clocked in at 1,109, adding to a total number of 11,813. That almost a 100 more restaurants than opened back in 2017 – a figure that topped out at 1,011.

As for the areas in the city with highest distribution of venues, Bur Dubai will give you the most choice with 7,312 outlets (4,785 restaurants and 2,527 cafés), while second place goes to Deira, with 4,457 places (2,780 restaurants and 1,677 cafés) to grab a bite to eat.

Other districts included the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai with 590 restaurants and cafés, and Jumeirah 1 with 356. Karama, meanwhile, has 349 and Al Barsha 1 has 310 venues.

And it looks like that number is only set to continue to rise, given the number of new openings on the horizon.

That includes the brand-new MasterChef restaurant due to swing open its doors this April, with acclaimed chef Maria Vaamonde-Beggs already preparing the menu.

There’s also a Mediterranean seafood concept restaurant coming up in the The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences, headed by chef Costas Spiliadis.

No doubt the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards are going to look even more competitive with every passing year.

Stay close to for the reveal of winners of the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2019 on Wednesday February 20.

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