Get yourself delivered in a giant box for Valentine’s Day

This is probably the most unusual Valentine’s gift you can get this year

Get yourself delivered in a giant box for Valentine’s Day

This one’s for all the Valentine’s Day cynics out there – because if this doesn’t convince you to put your hand in your pocket nothing will.

This Valentine’s Day you can give your loved one the most memorable gifts they’re surely ever going to receive, and it’s all thanks to one particularly novel gift vendor.

Instead of perhaps having a dinner date under the stars, head to Joi Gifts, where Dhs699 will allow you to give your loved one the gift of you.

From any point from today onwards, you can have yourself hand-delivered to your better half, to give them the biggest Valentine’s surprise around.

You’ll be picked up by your suitably snappily dressed, before promptly hopping inside the box and making your way to your delivery address. You’ll sit in wait while your intended receives the parcel and opens up what has got to be the best Valentine’s gift ever.

Presumably, though, there are many other halves out there questioning whether that’s actually much of a gift, so if the prospect of you in a box isn’t particularly exciting, you’ll share a space with a bunch of roses, helium balloons and Godiva chocolates.

That’s the gift options “for her”, for blokes, it looks like Joi is trying to get rid of some of excess stock.

The “for him” set comes with, weirdly, a hamper of Carluccio’s pasta and sauce treats, and a Ted Baker set.

We’re not entirely sure what all that is about.

But, it’s fun though, right?

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