Jumeirah launches WhatsApp butler service

Now there’s hardly a need to move during your next staycation

Jumeirah launches WhatsApp butler service

If you’ve ever been in the middle of enjoying a totally relaxed day by the pool or on the beach, occasionally nodding off to the sounds of the waves, and thought “there’s absolutely no way I want to get up right now, but I need to get something to eat”, then this news is going to be right up your street.

A new 24-hour-a-day service has been launched by Jumeirah across every single hotel in their portfolio, and it means you may never have to move again while enjoying a relaxing staycation (speaking of which, we’ve got loads of great staycation deals here).

The new E-Butler service is a new instant messaging feature available to any hotel guest, and will let you book in a range of different services through WhatsApp for the majority of hotels, and WhatsApp and WeChat at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and some hotels in China.

By pinging a message to the service, you’ll be able to order food and drinks to the beach or some grub straight to your room. You’ll also be able to book spa treatments, request housekeeping, make a reservation for dinner and even book a future stay.

So while plenty of places in Dubai do that little bit extra to help make your stay something special, there aren’t many that give you the option of kicking back all day long and letting your smartphone sort out all your wants and needs.

Meanwhile, this Dubai hotel is offering guests back double their room rate in food vouchers during their stay.

For more information, visit www.jumeirah.com

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