When is Eid al-Fitr? Ramadan 2019 end date and public holiday revealed

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When is Eid al-Fitr? Ramadan 2019 end date and public holiday revealed

Eid al-Fitr translates as the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and happens immediately after Ramadan – with festivity, day-time feasts and family gatherings.

This year, it's expected to start on Tuesday June 4 (depending on moon sighting) and will come with what is expected to be a lengthy public holiday.

The break is expected to run for four weekdays, meaning the possibility of a five-day weekend for workers who get Friday and Saturday off.

According to an announcement by the government earlier this year, the holiday will apply for both public and private sector officials.

Customarily, family and friends dress up in new Eid clothes and visit each other’s houses bearing gifts.

Expect traffic to increase in the days leading up to this, as people hurry to get new clothes, haircuts, henna and buy all the ingredients for their feasts.

Many families will also visit the poor and needy in their own communities to make sure they have enough food and water to celebrate themselves.

Charity is known as zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, and is particularly significant during Ramadan and Eid.

With the public holiday happening, the start of June is the perfect opportunity to take a short Eid break while leaving the remaining holiday balance intact.

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