Shawarma revealed as most-tagged Middle Eastern food on Instagram

Researchers ranked hundreds of global dishes

Shawarma revealed as most-tagged Middle Eastern food on Instagram

Shawarma has been filling bellies for years and can be found on most street corners in Dubai, setting hungry buyers back just a few dirhams.

So it's perhaps not surprising that the local favourite has been revealed as the most Instagrammed Middle Eastern food in the world.

A study by food box firm Gousto has put the kebab sandwich top in the region, while pizza takes the top spot globally – followed closely by hamburgers, sushi and steak.

The research focused on 353 dishes from all over the world and ranked them based on a combination of hashtag counts and Google search data.

In the Asian continent, which made up more than a fifth of global foodie Instagram posts, the shawarma came in at number eight – below the likes of sushi, kimchi and pad Thai.

But avocado on toast fans are in for a bit of a shock, because the Insta-friendly 'eating healthy' breakfast choice was nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

If you're not familiar with a shawarma (and who isn't?), it's basically a kebab sandwich stuffed with salad, a few French fries and your choice of either chicken or meat from a rotating spit.

Even Iron Man is a fan, with the Avengers assembling at the Shawarma Palace restaurant after the Battle of New York.

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