These Dubai jobs are the most in-demand in 2019

The latest data shows the most desirable fields of work

These Dubai jobs are the most in-demand in 2019

Like every other big city, Dubai is always bustling with people evaluating their next move job-wise.

Now with new data from recruitment specialists Robert Half, hard-working Dubai residents can calculate what the most in-demand jobs are.

The study reveals professionals who are a part of the financial sector as well as the IT sector are the most desired in the UAE today.

With companies changing focus to a more innovative and digital outlook, analysts and finance managers are also heavily in-demand.

Fintech has taken the city by storm which brings in more opportunities for developers – their annual wage can range from Dhs192,100-Dhs460,000.

Below is a list of the most in demand roles and their pay brackets.
1. Finance managers (Dhs378,300 – Dhs606,000)
2. Senior counsel (Dhs326,900 – Dhs810,000)
3. Financial planning analysts (Dhs311,000 – Dhs123,500)
4. IT project managers (Dhs264,100 – Dhs600,500)
5. Paralegals (Dhs235,000 – Dhs336,000)
6. Management accountants (Dhs233,200 – Dhs432,700)
7. Network engineers (Dhs228,500 – Dhs384,100)
8. Compliance officers - offshore and onshore (Dhs213,000 – Dhs468,300)
9. Developers (Dhs192,100 – Dhs460,000)
10. Executive assistants and personal assistants (Dhs180,000 – Dhs360,000)

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