Rent prices are falling in Dubai according to a new report

The report from Yallacompare showed some interesting figures concerning rent in Dubai

Rent prices are falling in Dubai according to a new report

There’s good news for renters in Dubai – and something to bear in mind if your tenancy is coming to an end.

A new report from Yallacompare has shown that 30 percent of Dubai tenants are now paying less rent compared to the first quarter of 2018, up from 26 percent in the previous quarter.

The proportion of UAE residents paying less rent than a year ago rose to nearly a third in the first quarter of this year, meaning there’s never been a better time negotiations in rent prices.

The figures were released by Yallacompare's Consumer Confidence Tracker for Q1, which surveyed more than 1,000 UAE residents.

Tracker data suggested that residents generally prefer to stay where they are. The number still in the same home they were living in a year ago stood at 63 percent in Q1, up from 61.3 percent in Q4 2018.

Asked if they plan to move in the next year, 70 percent of respondents said no.

Time to start haggling.
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