Going vegan in Dubai

All things green in this episode of The Big Listen

Going vegan in Dubai

Veganism has absolutely exploded in Dubai in the past 12 to 18 months. And it has, with restaurants now providing more options than ever to anyone in the city living on a plant-based diet.

And to discuss the growth of veganism in Dubai, we've got in two special guests from some of the city's best-known vegan restaurants and communities to go through it all.

So whether you're after the best restaurants to eat vegan, or the best supermarkets where you can pick up some produce, or if you're looking for vegan shoes (really) - you'll find it in today's episode of The Big Listen.

We go over dining out, eating in, shopping, the vegan lifestyle, philosophies, vegan life hacks, meat substitutes and a whole bunch more, so listen up for the top tips.

(And, yes, that is a vegan pizza in the thumbnail.)

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