'Sky trains' set to come to Dubai

The RTA has signed an agreement for suspended driverless trains

'Sky trains' set to come to Dubai
'Sky trains' set to come to Dubai Image #2
'Sky trains' set to come to Dubai Image #3

According to the RTA, we could well soon be taking to the skies (sort of) for our daily commute before too long.

That’s because the Roads and Transports Authority has signed a deal that could bring a futuristic, pod-based rail network to the city in the future.

skyTran is designed to be seamless so you won’t have to change lines or wait at other stations on your journey – and the most interesting thing is that the entire system and its network is designed to be on-demand, so there’s no schedule – and no missing trains.

skyTran Overview from skyTran on Vimeo.

The pods travel at an average cruise speed of 100mph, and use magnetism-based tech (it’s all very smart) so they basically travel on air. That means there's no noise, and it’s set to be completely smooth and emission-free.

“The signing of this MoU highlights RTA’s continuous efforts to team with global specialist firms in developing advanced public transport technologies capable of attracting more riders by offering them safe, fast and luxurious transit experiences, besides curbing traffic congestion in the city,” said Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of the RTA’s Rail Agency.

This fits in with the RTA’s ongoing ambitions to convert 25 percent of all journeys to driverless by 2030, which includes driverless cars and flying taxis.
For more information, visit rta.ae

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