Etisalat announces almost limitless data roaming offer

Use your monthly data bucket in more than 120 countries

Etisalat announces almost limitless data roaming offer

It’s the season for getting away for a bit and seeing a bit of the world. And while we’ll never tire of chilling out on the beach or exploring somewhere completely different, one thing that can fray those nerves a little is knowing that your monthly phone bill is about to get a hammering.

Well, for Etisalat customers your next holiday will come with a little bit more peace of mind, with the phone network announcing a brand-new “Roam Like Home” deal, which will give postpaid customers the chance to use their local data bucket and monthly minutes abroad, as they would at home. It’s in the name really.

Starting from Dhs100 per week for data, you’ll be able to roam in any of 120 different countries including the US, UK, most European countries, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil and a whole bunch more. For Dhs200 you’ll get voice services and minutes, and for Dhs250 you’ll get both voice and data.

The service even extends to in-flight connectivity services.

The service is available to anyone on a Freedom postpaid plan, and all you’ve got to do to activate the service is dial *177# or use the Etisalat UAE app.

So now, if you can't face stepping away from Instagram, there’s no need to miss a documenting even a minute of moment of your holiday online.

And, the network has also just announced a brand-new 5G network so you can get ridiculously-fast data speeds on your phone.
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