Dubai Cricket Stadium to be transformed into giant drone dome

The plan is set for a September launch once official approval has been gained

Dubai Cricket Stadium to be transformed into giant drone dome

Dubai Cricket Stadium is set to be turned into a giant drone dome where hobbyists can fly their remote-control kit in a safe space.

Enthusiasts will be able to get a licence, learn about the rules then launch their drones into the air at the enclosed space.

It is hoped that those without their own equipment will be able to hire from the facility and learn from trained professionals, while shops at the facility will offer spare parts.

The plan, which is awaiting approval from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, is part of a tie-up between Dubai Sports City and drone solutions provider Airscope, with a soft launch set to take place next month.

Mohammad Aziz, chief executive of Airscope, told Gulf News: “Eventually the whole idea is to kick-off a drone league and have it as a spectator sport where people can come and watch racing through track loops and airgates.

“However, we also want to convince people to stop flying in random areas and instead come in for an exciting experience behind closed doors.”

He added: “They can come into a controlled environment in a dedicated drone park and from a safety standpoint that would mitigate a lot of risks from a DCAA perspective, because again it’s in an enclosed space.”

Following the soft launch next month, it is hoped that the facility in Dubai Sports City will open in September.

If you're interested in flying a drone, it's worth remembering that you need to obtain a no objection certificate from DCAA first.

You'll also need to follow the rules and only fly in permitted areas or face jail time and fines of up to Dhs100,000.

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