Dubai Police patrols to get 'smart' AI technology

Thousands of vehicles will be fitted with the systems

Dubai Police patrols to get 'smart' AI technology

Thousands of Dubai Police vehicles will be equipped with 'smart patrol' devices under a new initiative.

Officers will have access to everything from driver recognition readers to electronic tracking devices and fingerprint systems.

The patrol systems will be based on artifical intelligence technology, with data transferred to special operations rooms.

The first phase will cover 2,000 civil, service and military patrols and will be completed by this year.

Officials then plan to fit out all remaining vehicles, motorcycles and boats by 2020.

The high-tech scheme comes amid a whole host of futuristic developments by Dubai Police.

Last year, officials announced that driverless police patrols are set to take to the city's roads as early as 2020.

The futuristic technology will be rolled out in phases, with the first seeing camera-equipped patrol cars roaming the streets.

Then the plan is to include object detection, tracking and advanced driverless technology in a bid to combat and reduce crime.

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